Tuesday, 4 December 2012

IndieGameStand results for November 2012

As you might know IndieGameStand offers a new indie game every fourth day for a very flexible price, pay what you want. Since data for each game is presented on the site I have put together the results for November here.

The following games were on display throughout November:
I put Fotonica in November even though technically it was offered two days in November and two days in December. (If you think this was presumptuous, please let me know.)

First the results are shown as number of purchases (units) and then as total payments (money). The clear bestseller of this month is Gimbal, a pure multiplayer game as I understand it.

Number of purchases


Total payments

This time around the results in both lists were less correlated. Some games had more payments and some sold more copies. I don't know which is more important for games offered on IndieGameStand. What do you think; payments or units?

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