Thursday, 1 November 2012

IndieGameStand results for October 2012

I only started to look deeper into indie gaming not that long ago. I love the idea of smart and creative people being able to produce innovative, edgy and even crazy games on their own terms, having only to answer to the actual gamers who on their part express love by buying the games they like. (I really hope they do buy the games they like.)

A month ago IndieGameStand opened and offered a new indie game every fourth day for a very flexible price, pay what you want. Since data for each game are presented on the site I have played with them to see if there are any useful statistics to be found. Let's start with the results for October. 

The following games were on display four days each through October:

Here are the results both as number of purchases (units) and total payments (money). The lists are ordered by volume and the barplots as published. 

You could say the winner this month is Gnomoria with The Geneforge Saga on second place.

The most fortunate game sold 6 times as many units as the least fortunate one and earned 8 times as much. Gamers are indeed voting with their wallets.

Number of purchases

Here are the results when it comes to the number of purchases:

The same info as a barplot (ordered as published):

Total payments

Here are the results when it comes to total payments:

The same info as barplots (ordered as published):

Two games are well ahead of the others. Apparently a Linux-version doesn't increase sales. Not in October at least.

Are these numbers typical? Will sales increase? Let's see what happens next month.

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